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Wellness Education Campus



Why We Created the Longmont Wellness Education Center:

Longmont has the fastest population growth of the counties we serve and the need in this community has continued expand beyond the capacity of our facilities and programs available. MHP developed the Longmont Wellness Education Center on a quick time line to meet the growing need for our services, to better serve the Longmont community and to implement our new model of treatment.

  • Transforming the interior and exterior of our former Summit facility created a building that is tailored to our programmatic needs.
  • The building is energy efficient and will cut our operating costs each year.
  • This newly designed building helps us to better treat our clients as human beings, to connect with them on a personal level in an open community space, reducing the internal and external stigmas in treating mental health.
  • The building floor plan is open, promoting acceptance to hear the stories of others or witness the struggles and triumphs of the healing process. This will provide our clients with the chance to feel a sense of community, knowing that they are not the only ones struggling with their mental illness.
  • The newly renovated facility is equipped with resources such as literature and kiosks for education, information on community events and employment opportunities.
  • There is space for clients and community members to receive hands-on learning regarding healthy environments, diet, nutrition, medication, exercise, and stress reduction.
  • There are closed spaces for when privacy and a less stimulating environment is needed.

The Longmont Wellness Education Center celebrated it's grand opening on Dec. 15, 2010. Once we have had the opportunity to fully evaluate and perfect our new model of treatment, we plan to expand these unique services to Boulder.

Our New Way of Treating Mental Illness:

Mental Health Partners is dedicated to being the center of excellence and the provider of choice for mental health and wellness services in our area. Our goal is to be an innovative leader in transforming the delivery of mental health services.

Our clients deserve the best, our staff deserve the best and the communities we serve deserve the best. While we already deliver outstanding services, to position us for future success, we are implementing a new treatment model, in conjunction with the campaign, to continually improve our levels of quality and efficiency. Additionally, we are transforming the way we treat mental health in order to treat the whole person, not just the symptoms of their illness. The new components of our treatment are listed below.

Treatment Benefits

This new treatment will help MHP to reach all the people who need our services – even those who may not typically come into our offices.

  • Our new treatment will reduce the symptoms and improve the life-expectancy and quality of life of those living with mental illness.
  • Our new way of doing businesses allows us to better provide clear, results-driven accounting to our partners and funders so they see the value in their investment.
  • We will continue to extensively evaluate and improve our services to continue to provide better treatment outcomes.

Programs of the Wellness Education Campus Campaign:

Integrated Services

Only 10 percent of individuals living with mental illness seek treatment from behavioral health specialists. However, one-third of those with mental illness seek treatment from primary care providers. Our integrated services program bridges the gap between mental health care and physical health care by offering both under the same roof. MHP has formed a partnership with Salud and will have physician’s assistants on site to offer aspects of primary care. This one-stop-shop in mental and physical health care will help save the lives of our clients and increase their overall health.

The Journeys Program

Mental illness typically strikes in late adolescence to early adulthood. The symptoms can be so severe that many of the life skills often learned during this time are lost. Our new Journey's program helps clients to overcome the symptoms of their illness and regain the essential life skills necessary to realizing goals and aspirations.

The Journeys Program generates tailored, individualized treatment services specific to the stated needs of our clients, taking into account their backgrounds, values, interests and goals. As a result, our clients will have better control of their treatment with the ability to set and realize their own goals. This new program also provides new opportunities, both within Mental Health Partners and in the community, that instill hope and promote learning and growth for our clients. These opportunities include expanded employment and education services, wellness and life skills classes and the help of peer support.

Therapy and education often take place in the community, promoting side-by-side conversations with our staff and clients. The goal of this program is to increase our client’s ability to function in the community and help these individuals learn the social skills and life skills necessary to build meaningful life roles. The life skills and vocational skills we offer will help our clients obtain jobs and become productive, self-sufficient members of our community.

Wellness Education

Individuals living with mental illness often die 25 years earlier than the general population form curable or preventable conditions. Side effects from medications, the inability to balance multiple appointments and a lack of wellness education are just some of the reasons why there is such a drastic disparity of life.

To address this disparity in life, our new extensive wellness education programs treat the entire person, helping clients to lead longer, healthier lives. Our wellness education programs include classes on nutrition, exercise, smoking cessation, stress management, cooking and healthy living.

For more information on the Wellness Education Campus Campaign or to make a donation, please contact:

Jessica Shannon, Capital Campaign Coordinator

Mental Health Partners
1333 Iris Ave.
Boulder, CO 80304



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