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Our Mission: Healing is our purpose • Help is our promise • Health is our passion

Motivational Interviewing Training at MHP

Join us for the upcoming MHP Motivational Interviewing training, which is a client-centered counseling style for eliciting behavior change by helping clients to explore and resolve ambivalence.
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MHP’s latest Community Update is now available! This month we are featuring Boulder County Public Health's 5-year Mental Health Initiative, as well as a client testimonial.
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We are excited to announce the new RWC/Norton Center newsletter The Breeze (formerly the Chinook Wind Times). This is created by MHP staff and clients.


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Our Vision
Healthy minds, healthy lives, healthy communities

Our Core Values
Empathy--Putting ourselves in others' shoes
Hope--Believing in positive possibilities for every person
Healing Environment--Providing a safe space where people feel accepted
Wellness--Supporting long-term health and well-being
Teamwork--Realizing the power of working together with humility and trust
Partnership--Building relationships to strengthen our communities
Excellence--Pursuing the best in everything we do

Statement of Non-Discrimination
Mental Health Partners (MHP) complies with applicable federal and state civil rights laws.  MHP will not discriminate against, or deny services to, any individual due to their race, color, national origin, age, disability or sex.  In addition, MHP will not discriminate against, or deny services to,  any individual due to their ancestry, gender, sexual orientation, gender expression or identity, religion, creed, political beliefs, marital status, pregnancy, or military status.

Aviso informando a las personas sobre los requisitos de no-discriminación y accesibilidad
Mental Health Partners (MHP) cumple con las leyes federales y estatales que protegen los derechos civiles. MHP no discriminará o negará servicios a ningún individuo en base a su raza, color, origen nacional, edad, discapacidad o sexo. Además MHP no discriminará o negará servicios a ningún individuo debido a sus antepasados, género, orientación sexual, expresión o identidad de género, religión, credo, creencias políticas, estado civil, embarazo, o discapacidad física o mental. Aceptamos la mayoría de planes médicos, incluyendo Medicaid, Medicare, el Programa de Seguro Médico para Niños (CHIP) y otros programas accesibles.

Mental Health Partners Locations

  • Boulder Office

    1333 Iris Ave.
    Boulder, Colorado 80304

    Phone: 303-443-8500

    Fax: 303-449-6029

  • Wellness Education Center

    834 South Sherman Street
    Longmont, Colorado 80501

    Phone: 303-443-8500

    Fax: 303-247-8799

  • St. Vrain Community Hub

    529 Coffman, 2nd & 3rd Floors (Entrance 515 Coffman)
    Longmont, Colorado 80501

    Phone: 303-443-8500

    Fax: 303-245-4459

  • Moving to End Sexual Assault (MESA)

    1333 Iris Ave.
    Boulder, Colorado 80304

    Rape Crisis Hotline: 303-443-7300

    Administration: 303-443-0400

    Fax: 303-443-0187


  • Ryan Wellness Center

    1000 Alpine Ave.
    Boulder, Colorado 80304

    Phone: 303-443-8500

    Fax: 303-374-8156

  • 24-Hour Walk-In Center and Crisis & Addictions Services

    3180 Airport Road
    Boulder, Colorado 80301

    Walk-In Crisis Phone: 1-844-493-TALK

    Addictions/Detoxification Phone: 303-441-1281

    Addictions/Detoxification Fax: 303-441-1576

  • Broomfield Office

    100 Spader Way, 2nd Floor
    Broomfield, Colorado 80020

    Phone: 303-443-8500

    Fax: 303-464-1413

  • Lafayette Office Clinic

    1455 Dixon Ave., Suite 140
    Lafayette, Colorado 80026

    Phone: 303-443-8500

  • Norton Center for Behavioral Medicine

    975 North St.
    Boulder, Colorado 80304

    Phone: 303-443-8500

  • Genoa Pharmacy - Boulder

    975 North St.
    Boulder, Colorado 80304

    Phone: 720-399-6026

    Analog Fax: 303-441-0043

    E-Fax: 720-418-7484

Other Locations  Contact Us


To Request Services | Para Solicitar Servicios

(8 AM - 6 PM)


Rape Crisis Hotline | Línea de Crisis de Abuso Sexual

(24 HR)


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Crisis Intervention Crisis Line | Línea de Crisis

(24 HR)

1-844-493-TALK (8255)

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