Mental Health Partners - Resources available to people in emotional crisis

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Partnering to improve quality of life as a nonprofit organization dedicated to mental health and wellness

Resources available to people in emotional crisis

July 1, 2013

Mental Health Partners, a nonprofit dedicated to mental health and wellness, offers a free, 24-hour emergency psychiatric services hotline, a child crisis hotline, a rape crisis line and free referrals to other community resources, supporting those facing an emotional crisis throughout Boulder and Broomfield Counties. MHP’s hotline also offers coaching, support and safety planning to friends and family members seeking assistance for a loved one experiencing a crisis.

Emergency Psychiatric Services: (303) 447-1665

Sexual Assault Hotline: (303) 443-7300

Community Resources: (720) 406-3609

Signs indicating that someone is experiencing emotional distress:

  • unusual or atypical behavior for a person in the situation
  • behavior that is extreme in the number or frequency or for the duration of the stressor
  • disruptive or inappropriate behavior or inappropriate expressions of anger
  • intimidating or frightening behavior such as verbal threats or destructive acts
  • feelings of hopelessness, helplessness or worthlessness
  • inability to perform daily routines or tasks such as bathing or eating
  • insomnia or excessive sleeping
  • self-isolation or decreased interest or pleasure in previously enjoyable activities
  • sudden happiness after a period of being depressed
  • excessive alcohol or other substance use
  • verbal indications of suicide or repeated themes of death in conversations 
  • loss of reality or is inconsolable
  • signs of sexual assault or abuse

MHP also connects individuals and families to other resources in the community affecting an individual’s mental well-being, such as housing, food assistance, benefits, education, shelters, domestic violence resources, low-cost medical services, rent and utility assistance.

Each year, MHP’s emergency psychiatric services hotline answers more than 10,000 calls from individuals seeking help coping with their emotions and the rape crisis line helps more than 1,000 survivors of sexual assault.



To Request Services | Para Solicitar Servicios

(8 AM - 6 PM)


Rape Crisis Hotline | Línea de Crisis de Abuso Sexual

(24 HR)


Emergency Psychiatric Service Crisis Line | Línea de Crisis de Servicio Psiquiátrico de Emergencia

(24 HR)