Mental Health Partners - Emergency Psychiatric and Walk-In Services Move

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Emergency Psychiatric and Walk-In Services Move

February 5, 2016

On Feb. 5, Mental Health Partners is shifting its service location in Boulder for its 24/7 Walk-In Crisis Center (WIC) and Emergency Psychiatric Service (EPS) from the Ryan Wellness Center at 1000 Alpine Ave. to the organization’s existing location where detoxification and other substance use services are already available.

WIC and EPS relocation:  
3180 Airport Rd., Boulder, CO 80301

Phone numbers:                                             
303-447-1665 (Walk-In Crisis Center and Emergency Psychiatric Service)

303-441-1281 (Detoxification Services)
844-493-TALK (8255) Colorado Crisis Services (statewide)
Joining the services currently at the 3180 Airport Rd. site provides one access location for anyone in crisis (or those concerned about others who may be in crisis), whether that crisis is substance-use related, or psychiatric or both. One crisis service area improves services to both clients and emergency and law enforcement personnel by reducing the need for trips between several MHP locations.

“Co-locating crisis and substance detoxification services provides one access location for those with possible dual diagnosis, or when the primary service need is unclear,” said Maigan Oliver, Director of Emergency and Intensive Behavioral Health Services at MHP. “The co-location of crisis and substance use services lessens the impact on emergency services and reduces the stress on those in crisis because it reduces the need to move them from one site to another. Additionally, the Airport Road facility is more centrally located in the county and more accessible for our service communities to the north and east. Proximity to the jail also improves access to mental health services for individuals who are being assisted by law enforcement personnel.”

MHP implemented its Walk-in Crisis Center along with Mobile Crisis and Adult Respite care on Dec. 1, 2015, as part of the statewide initiative, Colorado Crisis Services. This continuum of crisis services was designed to meet the needs of our metropolitan region for community members experiencing a behavioral health crisis, which includes mental health as well as substance abuse issues. MHP’s emergency services include:
  • 24-7 crisis walk-in capability and emergency psychiatric services at 3180 Airport Rd. in Boulder for drop off by law enforcement, or client or family referral for those in crisis. Services are provided for anyone regardless of age, diagnosis, insurance or address—one does not need to be a Colorado resident.
  • Additionally, MHP maintains its psychiatry and nursing walk-in service during business hours, providing “urgent care” for clients in need of immediate attention, but who are not in crisis.
  • Enhanced mobile crisis placement of staff to extend our reach into the community to additional sites. 
  • Four adult “respite” beds for individuals who are in urgent need of short-term additional support, structure, and expedited access to services to maintain or regain stability and avoid a higher level of care.
Existing services at the 3180 Airport Rd. site include: detoxification, needle exchange, Vivitrol injections, a transitional residential treatment program and various group programs.

Mental Health Partners is an independent nonprofit organization formed in 1962 that provides comprehensive behavioral health and wellness services, primarily in Boulder and Broomfield counties. The organization has multiple operating locations in Boulder, Broomfield and Longmont, Colo., in addition to dozens of community-based service points. We see more than 25,000 clients yearly who are able to receive services from a broad spectrum of care. We integrate physical health and behavioral health services to treat the whole person, using evidence-based practices.

Our services include emergency care, outpatient and family intensive services, substance abuse disorder and peer support services, and wellness, education and employment development. We strive to serve a broad population range, from infants to seniors.

Barbara Darling
Communications Manager
Maigan Oliver, LPC
Director of Emergency and Intensive
Behavioral Health Services

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