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Journeys Employment Services


Employment Services

Why Employment? 

All people have the right to pursue a fulfilling and satisfying life that includes meaningful employment. 
Many people with mental health challenges express the desire to work. There are countless benefits to being employed and the overall contribution that employment has on one's recovery is significant. Here's just some of the benefits that individuals with mental health challenges experience from having a job: 

“ I don’t have to depend on SSI for the rest of my life."

"I have a little extra money to do things that I enjoy.”

I work at a job that matches my talents and values, which makes me feel good.”

“Work allows me to feel productive and stay busy.”

“When I work I feel like I am making a contribution.”

“When I have a job, I have an identity."

“I have friends who I like at work.”

MHP offers supported services for both employers and clients to  form successful partnerships and employment solutions that work.

Job Seeker Services

Some people with mental health challenges have a hard time just thinking about work, much less attempting to find work. Many people find the inner strength and external support that helps them realize vocational dreams. The employment program at Mental Health Partners is designed to match services to wherever you may be in the process of going to work. Our staff is dedicated to helping you on the employment journey one step at a time.
Work and Benefits

When people think about going back to work, they wonder how working will wages affect their disability benefits. Indivudals have often waited a long time to receive their benefits and may fear that they will jeopardize them if they go to work. Many people depend on the medical insurance that SSI and SSDI offer in order to stay well. These concerns can actually prevent people from taking the first steps towards getting a job. There is a lot of misunderstanding regarding disability benefits and it is very important to get the correct information by speaking to someone who is knowledgeable about benefits.

The truth is that many people receiving disability benefits have returned to work and some people have actually gotten off benefits! Talk to your Benefits Specialist about your plans.









Services Available

Explorational Counseling for individuals starting to consider work or school as a direction for their life.

Preparational Activities for individuals who wish to develop work skills and build confidence, stamina and routine. Services include:
  • Volunteer Placements
  • Supervised Work Crew
  • Wellness Classes


Job Seeking Services: Activities designed to help an individual find employment.

  • Market Awareness
  • Resume Writing
  • Informational Interviewing
  • Application Process
  • Interviewing


Job Placement Services for individuals who need additional support in order to gain employment.

  • Job Development
  • Job Coaching
  • Support and Advocacy


Education / Career / Wellness Services

  • Life Coaching and Goal Setting
  • Career Assessments
  • Linkage, Advocacy and support with Schools and Community Programs
  • Classes and Internships

Services for Employers

Journeys Employment Services (JES) is dedicated to supporting businesses in maintaining excellent customer satisfaction, high quality of service and increased profit margins. 

By partnering with JES, businesses can promote a diverse workforce that reflects the greater community in Boulder and Broomfield counties as well as provide opportunities for more members of our community to become self-sufficient. The partnership is a win-win for all involved.

Employer: KohlsJAD2-(4).JPG







Levels of Employment

Vocational services offered by Journeys Employment Services include various levels of employment for our job seekers.  
  • Transitional Employment (TE): Entry level, part-time, temporary positions that serve as a stepping stone for individuals that have been out of the workforce. We provide job coaching and training and we facilitate employer-employee relations.
  • Supported Employment (SE): Permanent work developed for the candidates in partnership with our staff.  Job coaching, support and ongoing employer communication are encouraged to promote employer satisfaction and placement success.
  • Independent Employment (IE): Permanent work obtained and maintained by the employee with behind-the-scenes support from our staff
  • Work Crews: Defined group of 4-5 workers supervised by an employment specialist from Journeys Employment Services.

Benefits of Partnership

Employer: 24/7 RestorationJAD3-(4).JPG
  • Immediate access to a qualified labor force prepared  to meet the employer’s needs

  • Optional new hire on-site job training

  • Ongoing support for both the employer and employee to assist with problem-solving and to facilitate effective employer-employee relationships

  • Assistance with accessing employer benefits and incentive programs such as the Work Opportunity Tax Credit  (WOTC) and salary reimbursement programs funded through Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

  • Creating a workforce reflecting the diversity of Boulder and Broomfield Counties

  • Hiring our job-seekers allows them to become contributing tax-payers, further helping them on their journey toward self-sufficiency.

Job-Seekers from Journeys Employment Services are in recovery from mental health challenges, such as depression or anxiety.  Our candidates have the same range of intelligence, skills and abilities as the general population.

The experience of partnering employers show that these workers are equal to other workers in attendance and performance. 

Employers are impressed by their positive, appreciative attitudes and value the contribution they bring to the work culture.

Employer: Beatrice Hover Assited Living


Employer: JC Penny


Recent advances in treatment and medications make it possible for people with mental health challenges to participate more fully in life as productive citizens.

All of our job-seekers attend classes that help them gain self-awareness, confidence and the skills necessary to achieve long-term success in the workplace. Retention rates of our job seekers are higher than the national average.

We believe this is due to the on-going support and training they receive through Journeys Employment Services.



For more information, please contact: 303-443-8500