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Outpatient and Family Intensive Services


Child and Family Intensive Services

Boulder Adolescent Day Treatment (Halcyon School)

Year-round treatment program for middle and high school youth who are at risk of out-of-home placement. Halcyon is a collaborative program including the Department of Housing and Human Services, Boulder Valley School District and Mental Health Partners. The program provides group, individual and family therapy and pro-social activities in addition to educational curriculum and program.

Boulder Elementary Day Treatment (Sanchez Elementary)

Collaborative day treatment program with the Department of Housing and Human Services, Boulder Valley School District and Mental Health Partners for elementary youth. The program provides group, individual and family therapy in addition to educational curriculum in the classrooms.

Home-Based Services (Center-wide)

Family Therapy Services:
Intensive, home-based family intervention program for youths with emotional disorders or mental illness who are at risk of out-of-home placement in the mental health, child welfare or juvenile justice systems.
Family Advocates: home-based support, advocacy, resourcing and mentoring for parents.
Teen Substance Abuse Program (Center-wide): The TSAP works with teens 12-17 who are experiencing problems with alcohol and/or drugs.  We help teens and young adults identify the issues that may be contributing to their use/abuse and then help them find healthier coping strategies and activities including recreation, music, arts, volunteerism, healthy living, education and employment.
Services: Individual, group and family therapy, case management, education, psychiatric evaluations, medication evaluations and medication management.


Kid Connects / Early Childhood Services

Kid Connects provides integrated health and mental health consultation to licensed child care centers, family child care homes and in Head Start/Early Head Start settings.
  • Uses a relationship-based mental health consultation model in which early childhood consultants are based on-site at child care settings and in family child care homes.
  • Informed by the latest research on attachment and early relationships, has a strong foundation in child development, and delivers effective, clinically sound, developmentally appropriate practices in the classroom setting and to families.
  • Offers a wide variety of services to all children on a prevention basis and together with teachers/providers and parents identifies children who need additional support. The flexibility of the model allows for classroom consultations, home visiting, parent support, and teacher training.
  • The Warm Line can be accessed by child care providers, parents and other community members for brief mental health consultation. These brief consultations usually consist of observations in the child care setting, consultation with parents and teachers and recommendations based on the immediate need of the child and family.
  • The goals are to improve health, developmental and mental health outcomes for children in child care settings, to reduce expulsions from child care settings and to improve the capacity of caregivers to respond to the social and emotional needs of very young children.

Outpatient Services

Adult Outpatient Services

The Outpatient Program promotes healthy lifestyles through a wide array of services for adults with moderate to severe mental illness and/or those experiencing problems with alcohol and/or drugs.

Individual, group (including gender specific groups), and family treatment, psychiatric evaluations, medication evaluations, medication monitoring, case management, and information and referral to community resources.

Women’s Services

Special Connections & Specialized Women’s Services
  • Any pregnant or parenting woman who recently quit or is currently struggling with abusing alcohol, prescribed medication or illegal substances.
  • Individual and gender specific group counseling, education, and case management.
  • Assistance with prenatal care, child care, transportation, maternity clothes and baby supplies.
  • Random drug/alcohol testing, opiate replacement therapy referrals (methadone/suboxone), and psychiatric medication.
  • All services are CONFIDENTIAL—no reporting is required. Colorado law does not require substance abuse counselors to report active substance use during pregnancy. Every pregnant woman deserves all the help and support she needs to prepare for motherhood.
Driving Under the Influence Program
  • Provides Level II Education and Therapy to clients who have been arrested and convicted of impaired driving offenses in Boulder County.
  • Promotes responsible behavior through better decision making, thereby reducing repeat DUI offenses. 
Based on the Recovery model, emphasizing treatment partnerships which help people meet their goals and maximize independence. Brief solution-focused therapy, group therapy, psycho-education, and longer term individual or group therapy are offered based on individualized assessment and strengths-based service planning. The Outpatient Program works with the community to create strong, ongoing support for clients.

Child, Adolescent and Family Outpatient Services 

Individual, group and family therapy, case management and medical/psychiatric treatment based on individualized assessment and strengths-based service planning in partnership with clients and other service providers, e.g. schools, Department of Social Services, juvenile probation, etc. Mental Health Partners is grateful to the City of Boulder, Housing and Human Services Department for its financial support and assistance.

Community Infant Program (CIP)/Circulo de la Vida Familiar (Circulo)

Intensive, home-based treatment for infants who are at risk for abuse, neglect or failure to thrive and their caretakers. Circulo is the Spanish-speaking component of the program. Mental Health Partners is grateful to the City of Boulder, Housing and Human Services Department for its financial support and assistance.


To Request Services | Para Solicitar Servicios

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Rape Crisis Hotline | Línea de Crisis de Abuso Sexual

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Emergency Psychiatric Service Crisis Line | Línea de Crisis de Servicio Psiquiátrico de Emergencia

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