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Peer Support Services


Peer Support Specialists

What is Peer Support?

Are you interested in recovery?  The peer support specialist program is a program designed to help clients in all stages of recovery.  We have first-hand experience with mental illness and the challenges that come with it.  Despite those challenges we have come to know the reality of wellness.  We believe recovery is possible for everyone and our hope is to reach out to our peers.

As Peer Support Specialists, we help clients develop their own recovery by recognizing personal strengths and setting goals.  As clients, we too have gone through this process and now share a unique empathy and perspective.

Peer Support Frequently Asked Questions

What can a Peer Support Specialist offer?

Help with

  • Appointments
  • Art and music activities
  • Assistance with paperwork
  • Benefits acquisition
  • Cooking classes
  • Education on recovery
  • Employment search assistance
  • Goal setting
  • Housing resource
  • Interpersonal skill-building
  • Life skills building
  • Orientation to mental health center
  • Outreach services
  • Pathways to recovery
  • Recreational activities
  • Socialization
  • Support groups
  • Volunteer work for clients
  • WRAP assistance

What is the difference between peer support and therapy or case management?

Unlike therapy or case management, we use our personal stories to lend support and inspire hope. We empower others, and believe everyone can attain greater self-fulfillment through personal responsibility.

What are your credentials and training?

We received an intensive 40 hour training prior to being hired as peers.  Additionally, we receive two hours of training and one hour of clinical supervision per week.  We also have the experience of living and recovering from mental illness.

What are the boundaries between Peer Support Specialists and clients?

We have a professional relationship with clients based on shared experience.  Our primary role is to assist clients in life skills building.  In this, we help clients establish healthy social connections outside Mental Health Partners. Client confidentiality is maintained except as defined by mental health law.