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Suboxone Clinic


Suboxone Clinic For Opioid Addiction Recovery

Research shows that people with opioid use disorders do 50% better using medication assisted therapies than people who only participate in outpatient counseling. Mental Health Partners is happy to partner with you in getting the help and support you need to move forward toward a happier and more productive life by including our Suboxone® (buprenorphine) Clinic as part of your treatment.

Mental Health Partner is proud to be one of the Suboxone providers in Colorado that accept Medicaid. 

We invite you to call today to make an appointment: (303) 443-8500.  
MHP's Suboxone® Clinic is located at: Norton Center for Behavioral Health 975 North Avenue, Boulder, CO 80304 Nursing line: (720) 245-3443 Hours: Mon-Fri: 9am – 4pm

To help you succeed and ensure that this treatment approach is right for you, we have a structured program entry process. On this page, we will outline these steps and other important information.

Step 1: Intake Our dedicated staff will assess you based on the following intake guidelines: Have a moderate to severe problem with opioid abuse; Are covered by Medicaid or plan to self-pay; Are willing to get off and stay off benzodiazepines and stimulants; Are willing to be compliant with the induction, maintenance and therapy schedule; Will stop using prescription opiates for chronic pain and are willing to detox off all opiates and manage pain differently; Have stable housing, defined as living in the same location for the past three months, and plan to stay for the next six months; Are not participating in a jail release program; Have a stable mental health condition; Are not pregnant Are at least 18 years old Are not on methadone.

Step 2: Assessment When you are cleared to move forward based on the intake guidelines in Step 1, you will need a History and Physical Assessment and Exam. If you prefer, your primary care physician (PCP) can complete this exam for you. If you don't have a PCP, our staff can help you to make an appointment at Ryan Wellness Center’s Health Home located in Boulder, CO. This location is one, convenient stop for you to receive physical, dental and behavioral health care. Our staff can also help you find a convenient lab for you to get your bloodwork completed and have the results sent to your physician and Suboxone® prescriber. After that, a Substance Abuse specialist will outline the program and set up your counseling groups and individual sessions. The final step before starting medication will be to meet with one of our nurses.

Step 3: Induction Phase This phase of the process includes scheduled appointments that take place during specific times of the week. In addition to these scheduled activities, you will have access to a nurse for phone check-ins from home.
  • Monday morning: Our Suboxone® prescriber will meet with you to answer any new questions you have about the program or the medication. She will do a final review to ensure this medication is right for you.
  • Tuesday: You will take your first dose. The prescriber and nursing staff will ensure this goes smoothly. Plan to stay a few hours.
  • Wednesday: Return to the clinic this morning to check-in with the nursing staff. Thursday: Depending on your response to the medication, you may have to return to the clinic to check-in with nursing staff. Sometime in the first two weeks, you will start attending a weekly group as well as regular counseling visits with your therapist.

Step 4: Maintenance After the week of induction, you will have 3-4 weekly visits before transitioning to monthly visits. Most people do best when they take Suboxone® for at least a year. You may continue taking it longer than that, or decide to taper off sooner. You and your treatment team will determine what’s best for you. .