Annual Reports

Dear Community Partners

To Our Valued Community Members –

This Annual Report bridges two worlds – the end of 2019 through the midpoint of 2020. To say that a lot happened in that 12-months timeframe would be an understatement! Mental Health Partners (MHP) spent July – December 2019 engaging clients through in-person clinical services at 8 lively locations throughout Boulder and Broomfield counties, participating in community events, and launching new programs and spaces. It was an exciting end to 2019 and this report includes many highlights from those six months. The year concluded with Hans Wiik, Interim CEO, leaving MHP after guiding the organization into an era of stability and increased confidence.

2020 was a new chapter for the Leadership Team as we stepped into our roles as co-CEOs. This innovative dual-CEO model was one of the ways MHP positioned itself to adjust to the ever-changing environment of behavioral healthcare, and to be a leader in that future.

When the global pandemic hit in March 2020, our staff, Leadership Team and Board of Directors – through a collaborative, monumental effort – rapidly adjusted and modified clinical and administrative operations. In this report, we highlight the exemplary fortitude our staff exhibited during these times, the generosity and collaboration between community partners and organizations, and, despite the challenges, how MHP was able to continue to provide continuity of care, expert resources and compassionate support to our clients, donors, and community.

We were extremely proud to have led MHP through the early stages of the global pandemic and into the “new normal” we are all experiencing.  As we continue to work alongside our staff during these unprecedented times, we remain confident no matter what comes next, our staff will always be there for our clients, donors, and our communities.

We encourage you to take some time to view our FY20, below. If you would like a printed copy, please contact Elizabeth Willacker, Marketing Coordinator, at To view our FY19 Annual Report, see our “Previous Annual Reports” section at the bottom of this page.


Jen & Dixie


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“After my dad died, I missed him so much that some days I couldn't stop crying. Still, I didn't think I could afford grief counseling, until I met with the financial team at MHP. I realized there were a lot of affordable options and began receiving support. These days, I still miss my dad, but I am back to living my life.”
"I've always been the strong one in my family so I couldn't tell them I was feeling so overwhelmed it was becoming hard for me to get up in the morning. My care team at MHP was not only confidential and discreet, they gave me the tools to express how I feel to those closest to me. Now, I am closer than ever to my family and the strongest I've ever been.”
“Since I could remember, I have experienced depression and anxiety. Ignoring my symptoms and "getting by" was not creating a high quality of life for me. When I found MHP, I found help. Now, I have a supportive care team that puts me first, which allows me to put my mental health first. My life is happier and I am more optimistic for my future.”