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A Note from Our CEOs

Each year, our Annual Report helps us all reflect upon the progress we’ve made in the last year – as an organization and a community – when it comes to destigmatizing mental health, expanding access to care, and building stronger communities. This Report is also a time to recommit to our collective mission of meeting people where they are by making mental health more equitable and accessible for all.

As we reflect on 2022, we recognize a year of big change and growth. Together, MHP celebrated momentous milestones such as our 60th anniversary and MESA’s 50 years of service as Boulder County’s only sexual violence resource center. At the same time, we also commemorated the reopening of the Table Mesa King Soopers and Day of Remembrance, as well as the 1-year mark since the devastating Marshall Fire.

In this spirit of reflection, here are a few of the ways we moved closer to our goal of meeting people where they are in 2022:

  • MHP Co-CEOs stand in front of the White House in Washington, D.C.
    Co-CEOs Dixie Casford (left) and Jennifer Leosz (right) represented Mental Health Partners and the Boulder community at the White House on Monday, July 11, 2022, for the signing of the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act – an historic $13 billion investment in mental health, school safety, and state-led crisis intervention programs with nationwide impact.

    We expanded access to care in our rural mountain communities by opening a new clinic in Nederland, in partnership with Clinica Family Health.

  • We continued to improve our secure hybrid teletherapy services, allowing clients to get support virtually.
  • We responded to a community in crisis through the grant-funded Crisis Counseling Program to support and serve individuals and families impacted by the Marshall Fire.
  • We hosted nationally respected experts to talk about suicide prevention in historically under-resourced populations.
  • We broadened our commitment to Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) by establishing core values to guide future efforts and decision-making.
  • We stood alongside our community and King Soopers employees as we commemorated 1 year since the Table Mesa incident and took a step forward in the healing journey from this event with the store reopening.
  • We launched our ASCENT program to help young people experiencing new serious mental health challenges receive early intervention and coordinated services to increase independence in a recovery model.
  • We raised over $42,000 for suicide prevention education.
  • We further invested in our team with cost-of-living salary increases, a pilot Student Loan Repayment program, and by expanding health insurance benefit options.

In 2023, we recommit to our mission of healthy minds, healthy lives, healthy communities – not just as a provider of behavioral health services, but also as individuals who care deeply, passionately, and profoundly about helping others. We recommit to taking meaningful action that improves the lives of our clients, colleagues, and community. We recommit to meeting people where they are by knocking down the barriers to getting the help they need.

It is a privilege and honor to lead an organization with such a powerful legacy rooted in helping our community for the last six decades, and we are excited to continue building upon this legacy in the coming months and years.

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Dixie Casford &  Jennifer Leosz, MHP Co-CEOs

2022 Annual Report

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“After my dad died, I missed him so much that some days I couldn't stop crying. Still, I didn't think I could afford grief counseling, until I met with the financial team at MHP. I realized there were a lot of affordable options and began receiving support. These days, I still miss my dad, but I am back to living my life.”
"I've always been the strong one in my family so I couldn't tell them I was feeling so overwhelmed it was becoming hard for me to get up in the morning. My care team at MHP was not only confidential and discreet, they gave me the tools to express how I feel to those closest to me. Now, I am closer than ever to my family and the strongest I've ever been.”
“Since I could remember, I have experienced depression and anxiety. Ignoring my symptoms and "getting by" was not creating a high quality of life for me. When I found MHP, I found help. Now, I have a supportive care team that puts me first, which allows me to put my mental health first. My life is happier and I am more optimistic for my future.”