Jesus Sanchez

Jesus Sanchez

Clinical Psychologist in Private Practice

  • Graduated from University of Colorado–Boulder
  • PhD in Clinical Psychology
  • Mental Health Partners Board Member for 2 years
  • Currently serves as the Chair of MHP Board of Directors’ Advocacy Committee and on the Enterprise Risk Management Committee

My interest in serving on Mental Health Partners’ Board of Directors stems from a belief that we must help one another succeed in the world. I also have a strong sense of responsibility to contribute to improving a community. These beliefs were instilled in me at an early age by the example of others who did their part to contribute, whether through individual efforts, or broader community contributions. I am also inspired by the quality and breadth of services MHP provides to the community, but what really stands out to me is the organization’s staff’s focus on delivering these services in a compassionate manner. In my free time, I am devoted to keeping up with my favorite sports teams!

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