George Eliopulos M.D.

George Eliopulos M.D., Chief Medical Officer

George Eliopulos M.D.


Chief Medical Officer

  • Graduated University of Wyoming and Utah School of Medicine
  • Bachelor of Science, MD
  • Mental Health Partners Team Member for 25 years.

As a member of the MHP team for over two decades, I am often inspired to work side-by-side with staff as we journey together with clients to address their mental health and addiction needs. What often starts as assessment and treatment of “problems” evolves into witnessing patients and families finding their strengths and taking more and more steps to recovery. I have learned so much about human strength and resilience from them. In my free time, I am a Coloradan at heart! In the winter will find me on the ski slopes and summer will find me hiking trails near and far and climbing mountains. I also like spending time with my children, now young adults, whenever they come back to town. I am especially thrilled when they ask me to cook their favorite meals for them!

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