Community Infant Program

Community Infant Program (CIP) services are available in across Boulder County.

Community Infant Program is a mental health program for pregnant women and families with children ages birth through the preschool years. Our team of psychologists, therapists and public health nurses work exclusively with infants and their families to offer comprehensive, trauma-informed, culturally sensitive, relationship-based interventions.

The time before and after the birth of a child is very special. It is also a time that women are vulnerable to postpartum mood and anxiety disorders due to the dramatic shifts in hormones that occur. Some women don’t ever feel depressed but a range of other emotions such as irritability, difficulty concentrating, disturbing thoughts about hurting your baby, anger, overwhelm, sadness, panic or racing thoughts.

We can:

  • Assist in building skills and confidence as a new parent
  • Help you understand your own feelings and manage the overwhelm and exhaustion that can come with being a parent

Our home visiting program can:

  • Help you understand and manage your baby’s crying or fussiness
  • Assist you in learning about your baby’s emotional needs

Public health nurses who specialize in parent and infant health can:

  • Provide information on child development, health and safety
  • Provide information on parent health, including nutrition, exercise and rest
  • Assist both parents in understanding your baby’s sleep, feeding, and social behavior

Please call if you want support or you have concerns such as:

  • You think your baby is fussy or cries too much
  • Your baby appears sad, angry or difficult to soothe
  • You have difficulty developing rhythms with your baby with sleeping, eating and playing
  • You feel overwhelmed by the demands of parenting

Please call 720-562-0560 if you have further questions. We are here to talk to you about ways we may be able to support you.

Step 1:

Begin the registration process by calling (303) 443-8500, completing our secure online form or visit one of our locations that have walk-in availability. CIP eFax: 303-379-7495 CAFS eFax: 303-845-9831

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Step 2:

Meet with our expert and compassionate care team at a location convenient for you to complete your full assessment and registration. Depending on the location, walk-in or scheduled appointments are available.

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Step 3:

The care team will provide you an individualized plan of action to begin your supportive mental health and/or addiction services. On average, individuals will be receiving care 7-days from their completed assessment appointment.

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