Community Infant Program (CIP)


Parenting young children is such a special gift. But it can also be stressful.

Parenting a new baby and young children is very special and is a time that can be filled with joy, love and excitement. However, this time can also be filled with emotional ups and downs. It is common for both mothers and fathers to experience feelings of anxiety, depression, confusion and increased stress when becoming a new parent.

However, many times parents do not feel comfortable expressing these feelings or asking for help

Expert and supportive care for pregnant women and families

Our Caring and Expert Team Is Here For You, and Your Growing Family

Our team of bilingual psychologists, therapists and public health nurses work exclusively with pregnant women and families with children 0-3 years old to offer comprehensive, trauma-informed, culturally sensitive, relationship-based support services. We offer a variety of practical and caring support services to ensure you, and your growing family, have a healthy, and happy transition into this new chapter in your life.

Whether you are a single parent bringing home your first baby or a family with young children, the Community Infant Program offers a wide range of home-based services tailored to your family’s needs:

Parent-Infant Therapy

• Assist in building skills and confidence as a new parent or parenting a toddler
• Answer your questions about your changing family
• Help you understand your own feelings and communicate with others when the stress of parenting increases tension in your relationship

Family Visits

• Caring and friendly team members who will visit your home and show you how to care for your infant in different situations
• Help you understand and manage your child’s crying or fussiness
• Assist you in learning about your baby’s emotional needs

Public Health Nurses

• Provide information on child development, health, and safety as well as parent health, including nutrition, exercise, and rest
• Assist parents in understanding your baby’s sleep, feeding, and social behavior

Assistance with Depression and Anxiety

• Therapy to address feelings of anxiety and depression
• Can connect with psychiatrist for additional care
• Can treat the entire family and provide necessary follow-up

A specialized program for families with children 0-3 years old.

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Please contact the Community Infant Program for support if you have concerns such as:

  • You think your baby is overly fussy or cries too much
  • Your baby appears sad, angry, or difficult to soothe
  • You have difficulty developing rhythms with your baby around sleeping, eating and playing
  • You feel overwhelmed by the demands of parenting

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