Lauren Landy, Ph.D.


  • Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the University of Colorado, Boulder

I wanted to work at Moving Beyond Trauma (MBT) for the opportunity to serve a community who may otherwise be unable to access trauma treatment. Working with trauma is important to me because of its pervasiveness in our society. Trauma warrants specific focus and requires being able to engage in the type of relationship-building that can be so necessary and beneficial for survivors. I have witnessed the power of clients’ traumas being seen, acknowledged and validated.

For a variety of reasons, clients’ trauma histories are not always comprehensively addressed in therapy unless it is made a focus. At MBT, trauma-focused therapy directly addresses the context and history that informs clients’ day-to-day challenges and in doing so, increases understanding, self-compassion, and behavior change.

When I’m not working, I enjoy cooking, being in nature, outdoor activities (hiking, camping, backpacking, skiing), taking classes at the gym, and spending time with loved ones. Fievel improves my daily experience at work.

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