#BoulderStrong Response

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Rebuilding Lives through Therapy and Partnership

To learn more about the #BoulderStrong Resource Center and how MHP is supporting the community in the aftermath of this tragedy, please visit the We Are Boulder Strong Website or Click Below.

This website includes information about the #BoulderStrong Resource Center, the services MHP is currently providing, resources regarding grief and healing from trauma, and more.

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My Resilience Website

This free, interactive experience is a customized learning and skill-building environment that aids in understanding what a person may be experiencing in the aftermath of a traumatic event, as well as the teaching the skills necessary to aid in trauma healing and empower a sense of resilience. All information is confidential and accessible only to the user.

Boulder Strong: Cultivating Our Hope

After a year of challenges, including recent events in our community, we invite clients and community members to digitally submit an art piece or creative writing (max 250 words) sharing their experience with grief, resilience and hope. These submissions may be posted on a special #BoulderStrong blog series and on MHP’s Instagram and Facebook pages. Submissions must be appropriate for a general audience and are selected on the determination of MHP’s digital marketing team. One submission per individual. Send submissions to websitemhp@mhpcolorado.org including name, link to video if applicable, and summary of art piece.