Fievel Maintenance Fund

My Name is Fievel

My name is Fievel, better known to my friends and clients at Mental Health Partners as “Fivey”. One of the most rewarding parts of my job as a Facility Dog (bred and trained by Canine Companions for Independence) is when clients wrap their arms around my neck and share their hurts with me.  They know they can trust me. They know that I won’t tell anyone else. They know I am there for them.

This past year, I helped more than 700 people through some really tough times: an 11 year old boy who was struggling to talk about something bad that happened to him; a teenaged girl who didn’t want to attend therapy; an older adult learning to trust again. They rub my belly, I lick their face, and help them find a smile – even for a moment.

In my work, it’s important that I smell good.  Just imagine what a different experience a client would have if I smelled like I had just finished romping in the mud! My guardian makes sure my hygiene is impeccable.

The baths and grooming that are essential to my job cost $1,300 a year.  The nice people at MHP have set up a special Fievel Maintenance Fund.  Your $25 contribution will support me getting one bath a week and $100 will keep me squeaky clean for a whole month.

I hope this summer to have a get-together to meet all my supporters who contribute by June 30 and thank you in person.  It will be a blast and I’ll even bring my favorite stuffies to share!   To mail a contribution, send it to the Fievel Maintenance Fund, c/o Mental Health Partners, 1455 Dixon Avenue, Lafayette, CO.

fievel headshot