Jennifer Leosz and Dixie Casford: Mental Health: Thank Behavioral Health Professionals

Letter to Editor by MHP’s CEOs Featured in Daily Camera

On June 2, 2020, a letter to the editor by Jennifer Leosz and Dixie Casford, MHP’s CEOs, was featured in the Daily Camera.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has created a collective increase of anxiety, stress, financial and health concerns, grief and loss in many communities. As these mental health concerns impact more and more families and individuals, behavioral health professionals have stepped in to provide much needed compassionate and high-quality mental health and addiction recovery care, as well as educated communities about the importance of self-care and how to find valuable resources.

During the first critical weeks of the pandemic, their work helped divert individuals from emergency departments into more appropriate levels of care and their dedication continues to ensure individuals receive essential mental health and addiction recovery services uninterrupted.

In honor of these selfless actions, we want to express our profound gratitude for all behavioral health professionals. We acknowledge their dedication, compassion and expertise not only had a positive impact on lives during this crisis, but also make a difference every other day of the year.

We also are grateful to individuals with experience with a mental illness for stepping forward and sharing their stories. These stories are a source of hope for many in our communities as they reduce stigma and remind others they are not alone on their journey and are especially powerful during times of challenge and crisis.

It is clear the pandemic shone a light on the importance of mental well being. We are hopeful behavioral health will remain at the forefront of our lives with individuals and families choosing to integrate mental health more fully into their whole person care, support nonprofit behavioral health centers and prioritize self care.

It is through these actions we can all honor the work of behavioral professionals and support each other during this time, and whatever lies ahead.

Jennifer Leosz and Dixie Casford
co-CEOS, Mental Health Partners
Boulder and Longmont