Medication Assisted Therapy

For Opioid Addiction Recovery

Medically Assisted Treatment (MAT) can help decrease cravings and prevent relapse for both opioid and alcohol dependence. Mental Health Partners offers a variety of MAT options, including Vivitrol and Suboxone.


This extended-release medication is given by injection every 28 days. Vivitrol has been shown to have a positive impact on an individual’s journey of addiction recovery. Intensive case management, individual therapy, group therapy and relapse prevention are all provided in conjunction with the Vivitrol shot to bolster results.

Our Vivitrol program is conveniently located at our Walk-In Crisis Center: 3180 Airport Road Boulder, CO 80301 [link to Boulder page]

Vivitrol shots provided Wednesdays at 5:00pm and Saturday by appointment only


Research shows that people with opioid use disorders do 50% better using medication assisted therapies than people who only participate in outpatient counseling. Mental Health Partners is happy to partner with you in getting the help and support you need to move forward toward a happier and more productive life by including our Suboxone® (buprenorphine) Clinic as part of your treatment. Mental Health Partner is proud to be one of the Suboxone providers in Colorado that accept Medicaid.

We invite you to call today to make an appointment: (303) 443-8500.

MHP’s Suboxone® Clinic is located at: Norton Center for Behavioral Health 975 North Avenue, Boulder, CO 80304 Nursing line: (720) 245-3443 Hours: Mon-Fri: 9am – 4pm

Step 1:

Begin the inquiry process by calling (303) 443-8500 or visiting one of our locations that have walk-in availability. You can learn more information about accessing care here.

Step 2:

Meet with our expert and compassionate care team at a location convenient for you to complete your full assessment and registration. Depending on the location, walk-in or scheduled appointments are available.

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Step 3:

The care team will provide you an individualized plan of action to begin your supportive mental health and/or addiction services. On average, individuals will be receiving care 7-days from their completed assessment appointment.

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