Mental Health Partners Provides Crisis Training to Boulder Law Enforcement Officers

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Mental Health Partners Provides Mental Health Crisis Training to Boulder Law Enforcement Officers

Mental Health Partners’ (MHP) is training more than 200 deputies from the Boulder County Sherriff’s Office in Mental Health First Aid for Public Safety, an in-depth training about responding to situations where they might encounter individuals experiencing a mental health crisis. During their course of duty, law enforcement officers often experience individuals who are experiencing a mental health crisis. MHP hopes that by providing officers this professional training they will be able to identify when an individual is undergoing a mental health crisis and the best ways to de-escalate the situation and respond with appropriate treatment.

“This course is valuable to both new and experienced responders,” said Commander Jason Oehlkers from the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office. The eight-hour course teaches participants unique risk factors and warning signs of mental health problems, helps them gain understanding of the importance of early intervention and, most importantly, and develops skills to assist individuals appropriately without compromising safety.

“Teaching this course to Sherriff’s Office staff has been extremely rewarding,” said Kevin Braney, MHP’s Director of Employee Engagement, Safety & Training. “His officers are curious, thoughtful and committed to learning as much as possible about the many mental health topics we cover in the course.”

MHP is conducting the trainings with the Boulder County Sherriff’s Office until June 27. MHP also offers Mental Health First Adi training to individuals, groups and organizations throughout Boulder and Broomfield counties. For more information, visit our Training page.