Mental Health Tips: Isolation During COVID-19

Many are feeling isolated right now and that can trigger all sorts of mental challenges. There are ways you can help yourself develop the support you need and also build a healthy routine.

1. Build your support system

Know who you can call when you reach some difficult moments in isolation. Reach out to a parent, family member, or close friend.

2. Self-Care Kit

Keep a self-care kit in your closet for when you’re feeling at your lowest. Include a magazine, a great movie, and some spa items for example.

3. Know your crisis hotline number

Reach out to the crisis hotline if you are experiencing a mental health crisis. They have trained dispatchers who can help guide you through some of the most difficult moments.  1-844-493-TALK (8255).

4. Socialize with Others Online

Join online gaming activities or try some gaming apps to keep connected to others and help distract yourself.