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Series #1 – May 2020: Stories from MHP clients, community members or staff discussing how they are focusing on their mental wellbeing during COVID-19 public health crisis.

Rebecca Strong

Rebecca Strong, LPC, RYT, EMDR is a Licensed Professional Counselor and yoga instructor in the field for well over a decade. Rebecca enjoys culture and nature equally and is inspired by the health and creativity that is possible when we align with our natural innate intelligence. Rebecca is a full-time clinician at MHP and has a private practice that specializes in applied mindfulness and EMDR Intensives. Rebecca enjoys climbing hills and mountains, teaching embodied cosmology, working with her hands, kayaking, dancing, growing food, cooking and inspiring people to breathe into and living their most ideal life right here, right now. She loves being a part of the MHP team and looks forward to still be counseling and dancing strong at 98.

Rep. Brianna Titone

Brianna Titone is an American politician and scientist, currently serving as a member of the Colorado House of Representatives from the 27th district. She serves in the 72nd Colorado General Assembly and is the first openly transgender state legislator elected in Colorado and the 4th elected in the United States.

Amy Crystal

Amy Crystal is a client at Mental Health Partners and an active group member in MHP’s support groups. We begin to discuss the various ways she’s found helpful to manage her mental wellness during times of COVID-19. 

Owen Love

Owen Love started in the mental health field volunteering for Moving to End Sexual Assault as he completed his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at Naropa University. While working in the field, Owen earned his MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Regis University, and is a Licensed Professional Counselor.

As a Boulder Native, Owen is dedicated to the people Mental Health Partners serves, and through his 11 years of service to communities in Colorado has found deep meaning in all of his work. He now serves MHP as a Program Supervisor over a team of skilled and dedicated clinicians who are working tirelessly to support homeless clients into housing using clinical skill and evidenced-based practices. Owen lives in Boulder with his wife and children, and loves to be outside as much as possible. We discuss the various ways mental health professionals can take care of their mental wellbeing during times of COVID-19 and possible front line work.

Brendan Eliot

Brendan Eliot is a peer support specialist at the Integrative Health Home center at MHP’s Ryan Wellness Center. He works actively leading support groups, connecting clients to resources, and breaking the stigma on mental health. We dive into a conversation about how clients can take care of their mental health during the times of COVID-19 and isolation. 

Jill and Michael

Jill and Michael are a couple from New Jersey. Michael is a Resident Surgeon 10 miles from Manhattan. Jill is his supportive wife and interviewee in this discussion. She discusses the various concerns and ways families of First Responders can take care of their mental health and the health of their First Responder in their life. 

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