Share Your Value Through a Selfie

Mental Health Partners staff “Share Your Value Through a Selfie” Contest entries 

All staff were encouraged to participate in this organization-wide contest to help us honor National Mental Health Awareness Month. We asked staff to send in a selfie and to choose an MHP Value that they see in their day to day work and tell us why it’s important to them! Read MHP’s Values and meet our staff below!

  • Empathy: Putting ourselves in others’ shoes.
  • Hope: Believing in positive possibilities for every person.
  • Healing Environment: Providing a safe space where people feel accepted.
  • Wellness: Supporting long-term health and well-being.
  • Teamwork: Realizing the power of working together with humility and trust.
  • Partnership: Building relationships to strengthen our communities.
  • Excellence: Pursuing the best in everything we do.

Jessica Ulrich – As Housing Program Supervisor, I love being able to bring hope to people in all different walks of life. In the above photo I was on a track through the Peruvian mountains raising money for schools that do not discriminate Peruvian children based on religion. I get to bring hope to clients, staff, friends, family and strangers every day. Housing team 7 years.


My name is Owen Love and I work as a Supervisor with the Housing team at RWC. I have been with MHP for just over three years. The value I resonate with the most is wellness – wherein MHP focuses on wellness with our community, with our clients, and within ourselves. For my part, a focus on wellness helps me to be more present for my team and the clients we serve.


Christine O’Neill – I have worked for MHP for 7 years this time! Hope is the value that resonates with me the most because without hope healing is not possible.


Moving to End Sexual Assault is made up of 6 passionate women with 30 years combined experience with MHP/MESA (Thanks, Janine, for the bulk of that!) We couldn’t decide on one value but we were able to pick three that resonated the most in our work, our lives, and our desires to make change in our community. We chose HOPE, HEALING ENVIRONMENT, and EMPATHY We have seen first hand how our expert advocates have offered hope to our clients. We believe that healing happens within the walls of MESA, and we meet every client where they are in their experience with a sincere empathy. This is the core of who we are; to end violence and help heal.


Coffman child and adolescent team, 3rd floor. At MHP 2.5 years. Healing Environment. Being non neurotypical myself with an ADHD diagnosis, I understand what it is like to wrangle with mental health stigma. Therefore, I work hard to make my office a safe space where clients can feel accepted for who they are without the need to change their presentation, personalities or edit themselves. I honor with their unique strengths and resilience in managing their mental health challenges by identifying them and reinforcing them. I also have changing variety of fun toys, fidget objects and stickers. I want my clients to look forward to coming to see me and to feel better about who they are when they walk back out through my door.
Integrated Health Home – We like all the MHP values and use them all every day! But some of our favorites are (quoted from team discussion): “Hope, because we never give up on anyone. Teamwork, because that’s how we do. Team work makes the dream work. We all support each other to accomplish things. Partnership because that’s the core structure of our team, we partner with Clinica, and are focused on partnering with housing and lots of other internal and external folks.” Our team, the Integrated Health Home (not all pictured) is: Juliet Ruth (4 years), Gina Schweiger (4 weeks), Leane Vasquez (11 months), Cheri Krause (4 months), Brendan Eliot (4 months), Keeley Warren (6 months), Donna Grau (4 weeks), Joel Fishbein (7 months), Christina Rush (3 months), Whitney Rodriguez (1 year plus), Michael Dow (18 years), Toni Moon and Sara Reid.