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Dear Colleagues –

Over the past few days, you have received a series of emails from Executive Team members regarding updates to our operations, changes to HR policies and more related to our response to the rapidly expanding COVID-19 public health crisis. We appreciate you taking the time to read through these communications carefully, especially as many of you may already be feeling inundated with news about this public health crisis in addition to taking steps to ensure the safety and health of you and your family.

For over 50 years, MHP has served as the safety net provider for our community, especially for the most vulnerable populations. Now, more than ever, we are tasked with the responsibility to continue to provide essential mental health and addiction recovery services so people can receive the appropriate level of care for them and stay out of the Emergency Department. This role is even more necessary during a public health crisis that has placed our Emergency Departments and entire healthcare system under enormous strain.


Each one of you plays a key role in this effort. We know this role is not without sacrifices and we are extremely proud to be your leaders, and work alongside you in this challenging time. We are confident our staff, as always, will demonstrate to our clients and community what it means to be a community, nonprofit, mission-based organization and the strength, expertise and composure that goes along with that position.

The world has not faced a pandemic of this nature for over a century. As such, adjustments, modifications and plans that ensure the continuity of MHP’s essential services while also safeguarding the health of our staff, our clients, and our community will take time to implement. We will experience bumps over the next few weeks. Please continue to practice patience and kindness with each other.

Please continue to take care of yourself, and your family, during this unprecedented time. Thank you, again, for your professionalism and patience as we move through this together.


Thank you,

Dixie and Jen

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