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Spots Still Available for Yoga for Resilience during the Holiday Season​​

As the shorter days and holiday season approach, often our levels of stress, anxiety, and depression can increase.  Janine D’Anniballe is offering another series of Yoga for Resilience during the Holiday Season at our Heart-Centered Yoga Studio in Suite 210 at the Dixon Building in Lafayette.   The 6-week series will begin on October 30th and take place from 4-5 pm on Wednesday afternoons.

Participants from the previous 6-week series came away with positive outcomes and useful tools needed to manage everyday challenges.  These included:

Physical Benefits

Participants noticed changes in their bodies as a result of practicing yoga. Positive changes included increased relaxation, increased energy, increased strength, and decreased muscle tension.

  • “I noticed strength in my body all over. Improved sleep w/ yoga and a great way to end a workday.”
  • “I felt more relaxed and had more energy.”

Some participants shared that their bodies initially reacted negatively (muscle soreness) to practice but that ultimately, they saw positive outcomes as a result of the yoga practice

Emotional Benefits

Many participants reported that, as a result of the yoga series, they developed an increased ability to deal with stressors inside and outside of work. Participates reported feeling “calm” and specifically mentioned “slowing down” and using breathing techniques to tackle stressors.

  • “When noticing stress, remembering to breathe. When moving quickly between tasks, taking a moment to notice and slow down.”
  • Yes! Ability to relax and not focus on outside stressors (personal, professional, etc.)”
  • “I utilized deep belly breathing during sometimes of significant stress at work and outside of work.”
  • “Increased ability to handle/work stressors”
  • “Sense of peace that supported my work throughout the week- calm/centered.”

Mental Benefits

Participants expressed changes in their thinking and attitudes as an effect of being more “focused and “acceptance” of situations inside and outside of work. Several participants also noticed an increase in self-confidence and mental clarity.

  • “To breathe, root, be, increase focus, and wellbeing at work”
  • “I noticed more relaxation and acceptance of situations when driving in traffic.”
  • “I felt more confident in myself for making the efforts in class”

These results show that a short program of yoga can be an effective tool for achieving resilience to stress by helping employees attain greater well-being.

There are still spots open for this next 6-week period!  Interested applicants, with supervisor’s approval, can complete the attached application and email it to Galit Erez at  Preference will be giving to participants who can attend most sessions.