To Our Community Partners From: Dixie Casford, MBA, LPC, Co-CEO of Mental Health Partners and Jennifer Leosz, LCSW, Co-CEO of Mental Health Partners

To our community partners:

We are incredibly honored and excited to be given the opportunity to lead the deeply important work of Mental Health Partners.

When the Mental Health Partners’ Board of Directors recently selected us as the Co-CEOs of the organization, they ventured out of the traditional title structure in order to establish a progressive model that will best propel MHP forward in the fast-paced and rapidly evolving healthcare industry.

As Co-CEOs, we will focus on strategy, goals, vision, and partnerships to become the leading provider of convenient, affordable, accessible behavioral health care in the region.  Additionally, we will rely on and invest in our team of professionals known for their expertise, their passion, and their caring. They are the heart of MHP who make real differences in the lives of our clients and communities every day.

Together, we have nearly three decades of experience in leadership with an in-depth knowledge of behavioral healthcare, strategic business development, and fiscal responsibility.   This experience and leadership have positioned us to understand our organization and our community, and we recognize what must be done to launch MHP into the future in the healthcare environment.

We will strengthen long-term partnerships for community well-being. We will demonstrate the value of our services to our payers with high-value, positive outcomes.  We will demonstrate our value to our many donors whose contributions help us provide programs and services for clients that would not otherwise be possible.  We will rigorously pursue the use of new technology and innovation to fill unmet community needs.

We are ready to lead MHP staying true to our mission, yet boldly stepping into new opportunities.  Our sincere thanks to the members of the Board of Directors for their trust in our leadership. We are more energized than ever about the future of MHP.

Thank you for your continued support and focus on our vision of healthy minds, healthy lives, healthy communities.


Dixie Casford, MBA, LPC, Co-CEO of Mental Health Partners

Jennifer Leosz, LCSW, Co-CEO of Mental Health Partners