Broomfield Community Foundation Awards Mental Health Partners Two Grants Supporting Essential Behavioral HealthCare Services

Mental Health Partners’ (MHP) has received two grants from Broomfield Community Foundation to increase access to two essential behavioral healthcare services for Broomfield community members: Group Therapy and Supported Employment. These services help individuals living with mental illness gain self-worth, confidence, and interpersonal skills while reducing social isolation and stigma among the public.

Group Therapy promotes health, recovery and social inclusion for people living with mental illness. MHP offers a variety of group therapy courses to support clients, including: Older Adult Anxiety and Depression, Healthy Eating, Older Woman’s League, Cool Your Jets (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy for Children), Women’s Groups, The Evolving Male, Walking the Middle Path (DBT), DBT for Teens and Their Parents, Seeking Safety, Mindfulness based Stress Reduction, Overcoming Depression, Parenting Group, Coffee Group, Art in the Afternoon, Life Goals, and Exploring the World of Work. Many group therapy courses last for 12 weeks, and there are several drop-in open sessions available to all clients.

Supported Employment assists clients in maintaining employment, developing interpersonal skills and etiquette, managing symptoms, and working with employers to understand the skills and struggles of individuals with a mental illness. Nationally, as low as 10% of people living with serious mental illness are competitively employed at any time, and work can be among the most powerful facilitators of mental health recovery. MHP’s supported employment model integrates mental health and vocational services, considers client preference and skills in job placement, and provides individualized ongoing counseling.

MHP is thankful to Broomfield Community Foundation for these grants and their ongoing support of services that achieve significant steps in individuals’ process to recovery.

Broomfield Grant press release