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Welcome to MHP’s Client Advocacy Page

Mental Health Partners is dedicated to excellence and integrity in support of its mission and all aspects of our operations and conduct. Mental Health Partners maintains a comprehensive compliance program to assist employees, contractors, and others doing business on our behalf, to understand the principles by which we operate and the regulations affecting our organization. This page is intended to provide information to current MHP clients. Please contact the Client Advocate for any questions.

If you need to speak to someone at MHP to deal with your issues as a client, email or call (303) 413-6284.

Visit MHP’s Compliance page for more information

Documents Available For Download
Please print, complete these forms and either mail, drop off or fax to the contact information located on the form.

Pursuant to the HIPAA Privacy Regulation, a client has a right to receive an Accounting of disclosures of protected health information made by the Center in the six years prior to the date on which the Accounting is requested.

  • Request for Access to Protected Health Information Instructions
    This request form is to request a copy of your own or your minor child’s Mental Health Partners records only. If you are wanting MHP to send a copy of your records to anyone other than yourself, you will need to fill out the standard “Release of Information” form. If you have any questions you can call the centralized number 303-247-8791.

    • For your own records, print and fill out the Request for PHI form out completely, legibly, and accurately
    • Make sure you sign and date the bottom of the form with the correct date
    • If for a minor child, please use their name for all “client” areas
    • Scan and email back to for the fastest responses
    • You can also regular mail or fax it to the address and fax on the top of the form
    • Please include how you would like us to send you the records back
      If by email this will be sent by secure email from the clinical records email which will have directions on how to open the attachment.
    • Once received if records staff have any questions, we will give you a call.

If you are filling out the standard release of information form for someone other than yourself, please follow the directions above making sure the release to persons name and address is clearly legible. You may submit it to the same address, fax, or email.

  • Instrucciones para la solicitud de Información de Salud Protegida (PHI)
    Esta solicitud es para el pedido de una copia de su propio archivo en los Socios de Salud Mental (MHP) o la de un niño menor de edad. Si desea que MHP le mande una copia de sus archivos a cualquiera que no sea usted, tendrá que rellenar un estándar formulario que da “Autorización para Divulgar Información”. Si usted tiene preguntas puede marcar al número centralizado 303-247-8791

    • Para pedir su propio archivo, rellene la solicitud para el acceso a PHI
    • Rellene el formulario completamente, legiblemente, y con exactitud
    • Asegure que ha firmado y fechado el ultimo renglón con el día adecuado
    • Si es para un menor, favor de utilizar el nombre del niño en todos sitios donde diga “cliente”
    • Para la respuesta más expediente, escanea y mande por email a
    • También puede mandarlo por correo regular o por fax a la dirección/número en la porción baja de esta hoja.
    • Favor de incluir como desearía que le mandemos los archivos de regreso
    • Si es por email, será mandado por email-asegurado desde el email del departamento de archivos y tendrá direcciones en como abrir el adjunte.
    • Una vez recibido, si los empleados en el departamento de archivos tienen preguntas le marcaran.

Si esta rellenando el estándar formulario que da Autorización para Divulgar Información para alguien más que usted, favor de seguir las mismas instrucciones en esta página asegurando que el nombre y dirección de la persona está escrita clara y legiblemente. Lo puede someter a la misma dirección, fax, o email.

Need Help Accessing Care at Mental Health Partners?
At Mental Health Partners, we recognize that seeking out support for behavioral health issues isn’t always easy. While the process of getting into care may feel intimidating, our aim is to make it as simple as possible. Please visit our Access to Care Page to guide you through the beginning of our process to access care so that you can be prepared and know what to expect before your first contact. You can also call us at (303) 443-8500.

Client Grievance form Download Now
MHP provides clients and their families or legal guardians with the opportunity to express a problem or grievance.  A grievance is defined as any situation or condition that a client thinks is unfair, unjust or inequitable. To report a grievance, please complete the Client Grievance Form and send to MHP’s Client Advocate at

Need Crisis Support?
Our Walk-in Crisis Center & Addiction Services is available for walk-in at 3180 Airport Road, Boulder, CO.  Hours of operation are: Monday – Friday, 7:00am – 12:00am. Services include confidential, in-person support, information, and referrals to anyone in need. The center is available to those in need of direct services or those seeking to help engage another person in services, whether the crisis is substance-use related, or psychiatric.  Additionally, you can all the 24-hour support line for anyone affected by a mental health, substance use or emotional crisis. All calls and texts are connected to a mental health professional who will provide immediate support, as well as connections to further resources, including linkage to the closest walk-in crisis center or dispatch of the mobile crisis unit. Call 1-844-493-TALK or text TALK to 38255.

Client Advocate Job Description

Client Advocate

Purpose:  The Client and Family Advocate provides advocacy, works to resolve grievances and upholds the rights of clients receiving services at Mental Health Partners independently of the interests of MHP. Click Here for the full job description.