Community Room at Ryan Wellness Center to Re-Open Jan 22, 2020

Mental Health Partners is excited to announce the redesign of our Community Room at our Ryan Wellness Center (1000 Alpine Ave, Boulder, CO) is complete!

The goal of the redesign is to create a warm environment that felt welcoming to our clients and staff so that people could safely engage in their journey of wellness!  We hope to create more structure and opportunities for our clients to be engaged with one another and their healing process through socialization, groups, daily activities, and leadership roles.  As part of this vision, the Community Room will be led and influenced by our peers who will model how to appropriately engage in a communal space and with one another, and RWC staff will begin integrating clients into leadership roles to give them an opportunity to give back and direct what activities occur in the space, as well.

The new Community Room will be led by Peers and Health and Wellness Coaches, who will be facilitating groups and will have more of a presence in the Community Room going forward.

With these changes in mind, The Community Room will function differently than before.  Some of the expectations for the new Community Room program include the following:

  • To utilize the Community Room, clients must be enrolled in the program first. To enroll, clients must first meet with community room supervisor, Joe Brown, or with the Peer-on-Duty (POD) and agree to the code of conduct and expectations of the Community Room.
  • All individuals utilizing the Community Room must check-in with the program supervisor, Joe Brown, or the POD regarding their agenda and goals for that day.


  • Clients are expected to be actively engaged in their wellness while on site.  Behaviors, such as sleeping or loitering, are not allowed in the Community Room.

A soft opening will take place on Wednesday, January 22nd.  Through this redesign, and all services available at our Ryan Wellness Center, we look forward to continuing to provide compassionate and expert-level care to our clients and community.