Fievel the Facility Dog

At first glance, it might not look like I’m working very hard in this picture, but, boy is it hard to hang out with these friends without licking them the whole time! Giving kisses is my favorite way of showing my friends how much I like them.

That’s not the only thing I’m good at though. I know 40 commands. That’s right, 40! Need me to get your purse for you? I’ve gotcha covered. Want me to open that door? Can do! My training at Canine Companions for Independence was no walk in the park (though I love walks in the park ?), but I passed with flying colors and now get to do the work that I love to do every day.

I’ve only been working at Moving to End Sexual Assault (MESA) and Moving Beyond Trauma at Mental Health Partners in Lafayette, Colorado for a few months, now, but I can tell I’ve already helped a lot of people. One little boy went home after meeting me and named his stuffed dog Fievel. What an honor! We’ve become fast friends. Sometimes people come into the waiting room looking nervous and sad. That’s when I know exactly what to do! I walk up to them, rest my head in their lap and lick their hands. That makes them smile immediately. And I know I’ve made their day a little brighter.

I hope I can meet each of you sometime soon. Then I can show you a few of the cool tricks I can do. Or we could just snuggle, and you can give me a good belly rub. And maybe I can give you a kiss too!

With love,