Mental Health Partners (MHP) Statement on FY 19 Planning and Organization Structure

Mental Health Partners (MHP) Statement on FY 19 Planning and Organization Structure

With an eye toward continuing changes in the healthcare landscape, Mental Health Partners (MHP) has been working since July 2017 to structure our non-profit organization to the ongoing needs of our community and remain fiscally responsible.  Since July 2017, we have implemented various measures, such as consolidating responsibilities through identification of workflow efficiencies and not filling some positions due to attrition, while maintaining thoughtful, timely, and effective services.  Additional positions were identified for elimination as part of an overall effort as the organization enters FY2019. MHP has recently reduced its staff by approximately 3.5 percent in preparation for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2018.  We do not anticipate this recent action to structure MHP for the future will affect our services for the clients we are privileged to serve.  As we have done in the past, future changes to the organization will be announced on our website.

We, like many behavioral health centers and other community health nonprofits across the region, work to maneuver through these challenging fiscal times that are affecting many parts of the healthcare industry. While MHP deeply regrets the necessity of these reductions as every staff member plays an integral role in our organization, we will continue to provide high quality and readily available clinical services and programs which support all the communities of Boulder and Broomfield counties.

Any additional questions may be directed to Kristina Shaw, Director of Marketing/Public Information Officer, at

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