Mental Health Partners Opens “The Living Room”

A New Level-of-Care at 24/7 Walk-in Crisis Center & Addiction Services Facility

Mental Health Partners (MHP) is excited to announce the opening of The Living Room at our 24/7 Walk-in Crisis Center & Addiction Services facility, located at 3180 Airport Rd. in Boulder, CO. The relocation of MHP’s Transitional Residential Treatment program to Warner House this summer provided the opportunity to add this much-anticipated, new level-of-care to our crisis center.

The Living Room is a communal space for individuals in crisis to regroup and rest in a welcoming and calm environment that is based on the principles of autonomy, respect, hope, empowerment and social inclusion. While in The Living Room, individuals have access to MHP’s compassionate and expert staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. MHP’s crisis team specializes in de-escalation, crisis intervention, assessment, and safety planning, and can provide support, care, and resources in the comfort of this new space.

Spacious and tranquil, The Living Room can accommodate up to 10 individuals at a time. In addition to accessing crisis services, individuals can relax on couches, recliners, chairs or at a dining table; watch television or read magazines or books; or simply enjoy the view of the Rockies out the large, picturesque window.

Once an individual arrives at the 24/7 Walk-in Crisis Center & Addiction Services facility, MHP’s crisis team will assess the individual to determine the most appropriate level-of-care. This may include The Living Room, a private room or, for large groups or families, a separate, private area. Detox and addiction services are still conveniently located in the facility.

MHP also offers mobile crisis assessments. These specially-trained crisis clinicians can respond to mental health crises in the community, which can prevent law enforcement involvement and/or psychiatric hospitalizations. Community members can call the mobile response team at (303) 447-1665 to see if mobile response is appropriate.