Mental Health Partners Statement: New “We Are Boulder Strong” Website Creates Safe, Digital Space for Healing

Mental Health Partners Statement:
New “We Are Boulder Strong” Website Creates Safe, Digital Space for Healing

May 19, 2021 – As part of the ongoing response and support in the aftermath of the Table Mesa Incident on March 22, 2021, Mental Health Partners (MHP) has launched a new website titled “We Are Boulder Strong”. It can be found at

The website provides information about the #BoulderStrong Resource Center (BSRC), including services offered on-site and through MHP’s Moving Beyond Trauma support groups; a section highlighting resources on coping skills, healing from trauma, and cultivating resiliency; information on crisis support; a blog; donation opportunities; and more.

“We want people who need help to feel comfortable asking for it,” Kevin Braney, the lead of MHP’s incident command team, said. “This new website creates a safe, digital space where individuals can find reliable information about counseling, trauma therapy, resilience training and other services that are available to the Table Mesa King Soopers survivors, victims’ families, and the greater Boulder community.”

The website complements the support offered by the #BoulderStrong Resource Center. Located at 603 S. Broadway in Boulder, the BSRC was created in partnership with the City of Boulder, sponsored by King Soopers and managed by MHP and continues to serve as a place of healing for everyone affected by the Table Mesa Incident. Additionally, this website enriches the important work MHP is carrying out in collaboration with Kroger and the City of Boulder to ensure the evolving mental health needs of its associates and residents are addressed in the weeks and months ahead.

To help support these efforts, MHP has also created the “TogetherStrong Fund.” Donations to this fund will help cover programming expenses for the Center’s first year to ensure the community has access to a full array of no-cost services, including ongoing support groups, health and wellness coaching, peer support specialists, access to community health workers, trauma-informed yoga, acupuncture, massage, childcare for families, and spiritual support. One hundred percent of each dollar received by this fund will be invested in BSCRC. To donate online, please visit

“We know that healing from a trauma of this magnitude doesn’t happen overnight,” Braney said. “Some individuals may have a delayed response or are experiencing a lengthier healing journey.  That is why it is imperative we continue to reach out to our neighbors and for MHP to remain a pillar of support for our community now, and in the future. This website helps realize that purpose.”

For additional information about the new website, #BoulderStrong Resource Center or MHP services, contact Kevin Braney at For media inquiries, contact Kristina Shaw, Public Information Officer, or (303) 545-0840. For emergency assistance with a mental health crisis, call 1 (844) 493-TALK (8255), text TALK to 38255 or go directly to our 24/7 walk-in center at 3180 Airport Road, Boulder.