Transitional Residential Treatment Relocating to Warner House

On May 1st, Mental Health Partners’ (MHP) Transitional Residential Treatment (TRT) will be relocated from its current location at their Withdrawal Management facility (3180 Airport Rd. in Boulder) to their Warner House location at 2833 Broadway, Boulder, CO 80304. All current MHP TRT clients will move that week and new clients starting care that week will begin at the new address.

MHP’s Transitional Residential Treatment is a live-in, self-pay treatment program for those recovering from substance abuse or dependence. It runs from four to six weeks and encourages a structured lifestyle with household chore contributions, individual therapy, group therapy and skill building.

MHP believes this new location will benefit client care in several ways. For example, Warner House provides a living environment for the clients that more closely resembles a home, including a communal gathering area and outdoor space. The move will also create two extra beds for the programs, bringing the total number of available beds to eight. Additionally, Warner House is closer to public transportation and downtown Boulder, helping clients move more easily between the residence and their daily activities, such as work or community-based meetings.

Integrating TRT services into Warner House will also pair it with another program that provides a similar level of care – MHP’s respite program.

“This allows shared resources between the programs and a closer proximity between them also enables clients who have co-occurring needs to receive coordinated care,” said Maigan Oliver, Director of Acute and Forensic at Mental Health Partners.

TRT Moving Flier