Navigating through One Month of Grief, Trauma in Boulder

Navigating through One Month of Grief, Trauma in Boulder

Mental Health Partners Continues to Provide Support for Hope, Healing


For Immediate Release: April 22, 2021
Media Contact: Kristina Shaw, Public Information Officer, | (303) 545-0840

A month ago, our Boulder community experienced significant grief, trauma, shock, and loss following the Table Mesa Incident. The psychological trauma stemming from that Incident can manifest itself in several ways. For some, this trauma will fade as time goes on. For others, it never fully goes away. All of us may experience a resurgence of emotions over time. Simply put, our Boulder community will never be the same. However, we can tap into our resiliency to make it through this challenging time.

Mental Health Partners is here for you during this time.

Dr. Janine D’Anniballe, Director of Trauma Services at Mental Health Partners, provided valuable information about coping with traumatic events and building resiliency during a presentation following the Incident. This video is available in English and Spanish on Mental Health Partners’ YouTube channel or directly here: [English] and [Spanish].

Additional tips include moving your body, taking deep breaths, stay connected to family and friends, avoiding excess sugar and alcohol, get plenty of rest, and seek out support.

We want to remind everyone that MHP’s mental health services are accessible via (303) 443-8500. For emergency assistance with a mental health crisis, please call 1 (844) 493-TALK (8255), text TALK to 38255 or go directly to our 24/7 Walk-In Center at 3180 Airport Rd., Boulder, CO.

As Boulder County’s nonprofit mental health center, we have been providing support to the community in several ways, including at the #BoulderStrong Resource Center, a space set up for those impacted the Table Mesa shooting; through our 24/7 Crisis Center and trauma-informed support groups from our Moving Beyond Trauma program; and Fievel, MHP’s facility dog, who has provided his calm and reassuring presence to many impacted by this Incident. Additionally, MHP has trained over 25 staff members in Psychological First Aid, have been in contact with other community partners and leaders to lead and coordinate the response to this tragedy, and much more as we continue to show up as a pillar of support for our grieving community.

Healing from this traumatic event will be a long road, and we are just at the beginning. But we know that together we will tap into our strength, compassion, and resilience. For additional support regarding community trauma and mourning, visit: