Post Election Stress: 5 Helpful Mental Health Tips

Post Election Stress: 5 Helpful Mental Health Tips

Election stress is one thing but election stress on top of, COVID-19 stress and seasonal stress is another layer of emotion. Here are 5 tips to cope with post-election stress.

  1. Reconnect with Family and Friends – Take a break from social media and connect with friends, family and community members virtually or in a safe way. If you have concerns over the election, express those with people you feel safe with to get those concerns off your chest.
  2. Channel Your Stress into Something Productive – You have the power to impact your community more than you think! It feels good to know you are making a difference. Create a plan to donate, volunteer or share the message of an organization you support. If you have strong feelings towards the political system, see what actions can be taken at the local level.
  3. Limit Media Consumption – Reduce the amount of media you are consuming in a day. Take note of the way the news makes you feel and adjust accordingly. A large amount of exposure to political upheaval can exacerbate feelings of stress and anxiety. Limit TV time and phone screen time. Set parameters on your TV or turn off notifications on your phone.
  4. Set Boundaries – Conversations around the election can cause stress especially if there are disagreements on political views. Take a moment to understand a point of view rather than to persuade a point of view. Have a toolkit of phrases to pull from when you are ready to disconnect from a conversation. Phrases like, “Thank you for the conversation but I have to go now” or “I appreciate this conversation, but I must attend to my work now” are great to have handy.
  5. Self-Care – Overall, take care of yourself by creating healthy habits to deal with stress. Eat healthy, exercise, work on a hobby, get enough sleep and avoid drugs and alcohol to cope.

Elections are stressful. This year especially can be the tip of the iceberg for many. If you are feeling overwhelmed Mental Health Partners is here for you. You can access care here or to begin your wellness journal you can visit our guide here. Make yourself a priority to cope with whatever 2020 throws at us next.