Self-Pay Program

Now Offering A Self-Pay Program!

The ever-changing health insurance landscape can pose a challenge for individuals when they need to access mental health care. To help reduce barriers to this essential service, Mental Health Partners (MHP) is now offering a Self-Pay Program option. This program is ideal for individuals who prefer to pay out of pocket, do not want to utilize insurance, or are uninsured with the ability to pay full fee. As a client-focused delivery model, our Self-Pay Program provides individuals an affordable and convenient way to access select MHP mental health services by taking advantage of this new way to pay for services.

Services Currently Offered:

* Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the services offered through this program are currently being provided via telehealth.
To begin accessing services, please call: (303) 443-8500 and ask about MHP’s Self-Pay Program. A member of our Client Access Team will provide information on how to begin care and details about payments and fees. For more information how to access our services, please click here.